Family Owned & Operated

Heck's Collision Center is owned and operated by Craig and Sarah Heck. Craig a third generation car "nut" decided to go into business for himself after working in a large collision shop during high school and while attending a Business management program at Yavapai College. "I started out doing little things on the side for some of my friends here and there in a small corner of my dads shop. Soon my friends' friends were wanting things done, next thing I know I am buying a paint booth and running out of space. That was when my dad went out on a limb and put up another shop next to his, and Heck's Collision Center was born."

Since opening in 2004 Craig has tried to stick to three things he thinks make him successful: "You have to treat people with respect. Nobody wants to come to a body shop. If they are there they are probably not happy about it. I try to easy that pain a little bit. Second you have to be honest, I hate to say it but there are a lot of crooks in the auto repair business and I want people to know they can trust me to be up front and honest about the repairs to their vehicle. Lastly I want to provide the highest quality work out there and stand behind it 100%."

Heck's Collision Center has continued to grow each year. 



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